The Play Stop

Welcome to The Play Stop.

Our business is to provide after school care to children attending Rawdon Littlemoor School.

Our ethos is to provide this care at an affordable price.  The care will be excellent quality in a warm, friendly and stimulating surrounding.

The Play Stop is owned by Maxine Cook who is the registered person to provide the care within the setting with Ofsted and the Deputy Manager is Bev Bishop.

Our sessions are based around free play with maybe one organised craft session that the children if they want to can join in.  We are big believers in playing out as much as the English weather will allow us.  This includes time in the playground and playing on the adventure trail.

We offer the children a light snack when they arrive at the beginning of each session which consists of a choice of toast, crumpets, beans, pasta, pizza and always accompanied by a fresh fruit option, cheese, cucumber and a healthy sweet to finish.

The cost per session is £9.30 and payment for the month’s session is due around the 20th of each month.  Please note that there are no refunds for any sessions missed.

We close at 5.45pm every night and provide care, term time only.

At present we are registered to provide care for 30 children per night and do a limited number of spaces available.

If any further information is required please do not hesitate to contact me on 07597 922018.

With regards
Maxine Cook

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