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What is the Phonics screening check?

  • The phonics screening check is a short assessment to show whether children have learnt to sound out and read words to an appropriate standard.
  • It will take place in June 2014 and be done by the class teacher.
  • It includes a list of 40 words (20 real and 20 made up words which we refer to as ‘alien words’ because they come accompanied by a picture of an alien so the children know they are the made up words.
  • Last year children had to score 32 or more out of 40 to reach the expected level This year they are raising the pass mark but we do not know what to.
  • If children do not pass the test in Year 1 they will receive extra help from us and will take the test again in Year 2.
  • You can watch a short video of a child sounding out some of the words on the test here.
  • http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/teachingandlearning/assessment/keystage1/a00200415/phonics
  • If you have any more questions there is a link below to a useful information page with everything else you might want to know:
  • http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/teachingandlearning/pedagogy/a00198207/faqs-year-1-phonics-screening-check
  • We do phonics everyday in class where we learn all the sounds and read real and alien words but support at home will really help your child.


How can you help at home?

  • When reading with your child, ask your child to look for graphemes in words (2 or 3 letters which together make one sound). All the graphemes your child needs to know are on the ‘All the graphemes’ sheet attached.
  • Using the graphemes sheet, point out different graphemes and ask your child what sound they make. The children know actions for each sound so they could use these to help them too.
  • Encourage children to sound words out then blend these sounds together. Make sure children do not miss sounds out or add sounds in.
  • Ask children to invent their own alien words and design aliens to go with them.
  • Use the word cards to play pick the words and sort into real or alien piles.
  • Play games on the computer to read real and alien words.

Some useful links


click ‘free phonics play’

click phases 5

Choose game: Buried Treasure, Picnic on Pluto or Dragons Den

Click Phase 5 again




All the graphemes

Real and Alien Words



Dear Parents, Carers of  KS1 children,

I am writing to give you some information regarding spelling in KS1.

This year we felt it was necessary to look at spelling across the school and so the teachers and support staff are carrying out some research in their classes to try and find the most effective way to teach spelling and for children to retain this knowledge.

In addition this year, we have a new National Curriculum which started in September 2014. Each year group has a bank of words to learn in that year. We have put this word list on the website and over the year (September to July) the teachers will be covering these.

Don’t try and learn them all at once!! You have all year. If your child knows all these words you can help them by getting them to put one of the words into a sentence. If they master this then challenge them to write a story using as many words from the list as they can.

If you have any difficulty finding them please give us a ring and we will try and help.

Yours sincerely,



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