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Please take a look at our Parent Handbook which will answer a lot of the questions new parents and carers have. In addition to this, we’ve also listed some other frequently asked questions below:

Will my child get into Rawdon Littlemoor?

School places will be allocated by Leeds City Council using our Admissions Policy. For a better understanding of your chances please consult our Admissions Policy. Rawdon Littlemoor does not operate catchment areas. We can never guarantee that any child will get a school place with us.

How many classes are there at Rawdon Littlemoor?

Rawdon Littlemoor is built to educate a maximum number of 315 children between age 4-11 years.  Children are organised across 11 registration groups as follows: 


Class Name

Max Class Size

Key Stage

Year groups












Year 1




Year 1 & Year 2




Year 2



Lower key stage 2

Year 3



Lower Key stage 2

Year 3 & Year 4



Lower Key stage 2

Year 4



Upper key stage 2

Year 5



Upper key stage 2

Year 5 & Year 6



Upper key stage 2

Year 6


How does Rawdon Littlemoor induct children to school?

We know that the transition to school for both children and parents can be an exciting and emotional one.  We offer a full induction programme to all our new children and parents which includes a parents information evening in May followed by two visits to school for your child in June, a home visit by your childs Teacher in September and an induction timetable in September which gradually builds your child to attending school full time over the course of two weeks.  

Does Rawdon Littlemoor have before and after school care?

We currently work with two external providers to offer before and after school care.  These are The Early Birds Breakfast club and The Playstop (after school care).  Both operate in our school community room.  If you are successful in getting a place at our school you can apply for a place at one of these clubs.

If my child has additional needs will those be catered for at Rawdon Littlemoor?

Rawdon Littlemoor is a fully inclusive school and aims to meet the needs of every pupil on roll.  We would welcome a discussion with any parent who feels their child has additional needs to ensure that we can make adequate provision.

Where do I get uniform from?

You can purchase uniform with a logo on from PC Sports on Yeadon High Street or through APC Clothing at https://www.school-uniforms.co.uk/index.php/find-your-school/rawdon-littlemoor-school.html Details on what uniform your child will need can be found in the parent handbook.

Where do I bring my child on the first day?

Our Foundation classroom has its own entrance and playground. If you are facing the main school entrance, walk to the right on the path and you will come across the Foundation gate on your left opposite a shed.

When can I speak to the teacher if I have a question?

For quick messages and questions you can speak with the staff at drop off and pick up. You can also contact the school office. If you have something you would like to discuss in detail with the teacher we ask that you make an appointment.

What if my child is ill?

Contact the school office by 9.00am for each day of absence.

What if I want someone else to collect my child?

We need parental permission for a child to be collected by someone else. You can let us know by speaking with the teacher or contacting the school office.

What does my child need to bring each day?

  • Children will need to bring their green bookbag with them each day with their reading book and reading diary. The books and diaries will be given to the children when they have settled in and the reading system has begun.
  • Weather appropriate coat and clothes e.g. Hat, gloves, sunhat. Please send your child with an inexpensive coat as they can get mucky! Please name ALL clothing.
  • A named water bottle with water in (no juice or pop).

When do I bring a PE bag to school?

Please bring the PE bag at the beginning of each half term. We send them home at the end of each half term to be washed and to check if they still fit.

What happens at lunch time?

Foundation eat their lunch at 12.00pm in the quiet section of the hall. Children with packed lunches eat here too. After lunch they have a playtime until 1.00pm. For details of our school menu please visit https://www.rawdonlittlemoor.org/parents/school-dinners

What can my child bring in their lunchbox?

We have a comprehensive packed lunch policy on our website. Please visit https://www.rawdonlittlemoor.org/parents/school-dinners

How much are school dinners?

Every child in Foundation and Key Stage 1 is entitled to a free school meal as part of the Government’s Universal Free School Meal initiative.

Can the school give my child medicine?

We can only administer prescribed medicine with your child’s name on it. You will need to bring the medicine to the office and we will ask you to complete a form. We can administer one dose of medicine per child each day.

Can I park at school?

We have a carpark for parents and carers on school grounds and there is a community carpark just outside school. The carparks do get busy so if you can walk it would be easier for you.

Does Rawdon Littlemoor offer extra curricular activities?

We offer a range of extra curricular activities after school to children in years 1 - 6. Currently, these are not running due to Covid 19 restrictions. Clubs can include Football, sewing, roller skating, eco, Lego, recycled art, baking and cross country/athletics. We charge a small termly fee of approximately £15 to attend. 

How do I get involved in the PTA?

We will be holding a PTA event to talk to new parents in the autumn. Details will be sent to you.