Schools accessibility plan 21-23

Action Person Responsible Cost How Success Criteria Evaluation
Ensure that all school trips & residential visits are accessible for pupils with learning or physical disabilities. Head Teacher SLT Educational Visits Leader Visit leaders Leaders planning time for risk assessments Pre-visits where possible Thorough planning. Advance visits. Risk assessments. All children on school and residential trips who wish to go.  
Ensure that after-school clubs and care provision facilities are accessible for all pupils. PE Leader Leaders of after-school clubs Budget for clubs provision New equipment as needed Ensure access is available for all pupils including those with physical or sensory disabilities. Provide adult support if necessary. Make physical adaptations as required. All children who wish to join an after school club should be able to.  
Ensure the new curriculum is fully accessible to pupils with any type of difficulty or disability All Staff Subject leaders Advisors for sensory impairments Subject advisors New curriculum costs Resources Subject leader release time Consider alternative communication systems. Consider the way in which information is presented to pupils. Consider ways in which pupils can communicate their ideas.    

The whole accessibility policy can be downloaded  here Rawdon Littlemoor Primary School accesibility plan.