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Viking Workshop

19 March 2021 (by Tom Ibison (Blackbirds))

The children had an amazing day today. Not only did they get to go in the hall for the first time in a year but they also had an incredible, Viking workshop awaiting them.

They had a wonderful time becoming Viking warriors and honing their fighting techniques. They set sail on a long ship bound for Linisfarne and decided to land on the south of the island in order to raid the monastery, checking the runes first for a good omen. However, they were met by a fierce, Saxon army and a bloody battle ensued. In the end, it was the Vikings who won the day and made off back to Scandinavia with their loot. Scenes from this epic saga can be found following the attached link. A huge thank you to Matthew for putting on such a brilliant and Covid-secure workshop for us: we loved it!