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A visit from the fire service

24 October 2019 (by Daniel Couves (Blackbirds))

Today, the fire service visited Year 5 to talk to them about fire safety and the importance of wearing seat belts in a car.

The children watched a video that showed them how quickly a fire can spread and were amazed by how an entire room could be set ablaze in under 3 minutes. The firefighters then discussed the importance of having working fire alarms at home and testing them regularly. They then told the children about having a family fire evacuation plan so that they know how to escape their home quickly and safely in the event of a fire. Finally, they highlighted the importance of wearing seat belts with a little drama exercise and a video featuring crash test dummies. The children were shocked at the damage that could be done to someone who wasn't wearing a seat belt. The children were really engaged throughout the talk and asked some excellent questions. Both the children, Mr Ibison and Mrs Jarvis would like to thank the gentlemen from Rawdon Fire Service for taking the time to speak to us and it has certainly helped us all become more aware about how to keep ourselves and our homes safe. If you would like anymore information on fire safety, including how to get the fire service to fit a smoke alarm for free, please follow the link below to the West Yorkshire Fire Service website.