A journey together of learning, happiness and success

A journey together of learning, happiness & success

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News Stories

  • Eruption of Enthusiasm
    Blackbird’s volcanoes finally became active!
  • Wicked Waves
    We had a whale of a time creating these mixed media paintings.
  • Djembe Drumming
    This week Blackbirds have been inspired by the music of The Lion King.
  • Dazzling Dragonflies
    As part of our recent English explanation, we created some beautiful dragonflies focusing on their wing patterns and vivid colouring.
  • Hmmmmm
    We put our minds to the test with yesterday’s problem solving.
  • Practical Maths
    We focused on using different equipment, with different units, for measuring a variety of things!
  • Champions!
    Year 5 spectacularly rose to the challenge of the ALPT Benton Park Dodgeball tourenment. They won their group, after a few close encounters, and went on to win the final.
  • Sunny Throwback
    We made the most of the sun last week by getting to grips with our new P.E. topic.
  • Great work McKenzie
    Great newspaper
  • Magnificent Mjolnirs
    We got crafty with clay this week when designing and making our Viking Mjolnirs.
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