A journey together of learning, happiness and success

A journey together of learning, happiness & success

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  • Telling The Time
    This week we have been working hard learning to tell the time. Year 1 - o’clock and half past, Year 2 - quarter past, quarter to and five minute interval past and to.
  • Spare KS1 performance tickets
    There are a small number of spare tickets available for our Wednesday and Thursday performances.
  • Planning Our Dinosaur Reports
    Robin class are working hard to plan our dinosaur reports.
  • KS1 performance tickets and costumes
    Your child will bring their ticket letter and costume letter home today.
  • Christmas play words
    Year 2 children who have lines to learn for our Christmas performance will be bringing their lines home today. Please can you support your children to learn their words over the next few weeks.
  • Dinosaur Projects
    Thank you to all the Robin families for your excellent creative dinosaur projects.
  • Herbivore Coprolite
    Robin class have had fun in the meadow today making their own herbivore coprolite (fossilised poo!)
  • X tables rock stars
  • Herbivore Pittas
    Robin class have had fun designing and making a pitta bread snack fit for a herbivore.
  • Carrot and Courgette Brownies
    There have been a few requests for the brownie recipe that the children made yesterday as part of our creative curriculum day.
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