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  • Viking Workshop
  • Viking Workshop
    The children had an amazing day today. Not only did they get to go in the hall for the first time in a year but they also had an incredible, Viking workshop awaiting them.
  • Up The Billing
    Blackbird class loved their muddy yomp up The Billing.
  • Esholt Woods trip
    The children loved our trip to Esholt Woods.
  • NSPCC workshop
    Blackbird class were lucky enough to have a workshop with NSPCC today designed to encourage them to “Speak Out” when they have worries or concerns.
  • Roman workshop
    On Monday, the children took part in a fantastic Roman workshop learning all about life in Roman Chester with Matthew for the Moveable Feast Workshop Company.
  • Drama Workshop
    Kestrels enjoyed their drama workshop, taking on the role of senators and plebs, Roman gods and sacrificial goats(!) and even gladiators.
  • Egyptian workshop
    Our Egyptian visitor taught us all about mummification and the Ancient Egyptian afterlife.