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  • Thank You
    Thank you to parents and carers for our lovely cards and gifts. They are so thoughtful and generous.
  • Yorkshire Song
    These last few days have been great fun writing and recording our very own 'Song for Yorkshire!'. We have used a very familiar tune and we hope you enjoy it. Visit our class page to listen.
  • A special Sikh visitor for Y3/4.
    We learnt so much from our Sikh visitor from the Guru Nanak Nishkam Seward Jatha Gurdwara.
  • Save Our Oceans
    The children have been inspired to make their own posters to raise awareness of the growing problem of plastic in our oceans.
  • Save Our Oceans
    The class voted for this poster from Euan to represent year 2 on our website.
  • Science ‘Sounds Good’
    We had a interesting lesson focusing on how we could improve our ears to pick up sounds better.
  • Eruption of Enthusiasm
    Blackbird’s volcanoes finally became active!
  • The Deep
    Thank you to all the parent volunteers who came on our trip to 'The Deep' on Monday. The day went smoothly and the children had a wonderful time.
  • The Deep
    We took part in a workshop all about the effects of plastic in our oceans.
  • Owl Class in maths
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