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  • Interhouse Cycling
    We had a great time cycling and scooting round the cycle track today. There are a couple of extra photos on the school website (on the Ducklings and Goslings page - click on the ‘Interhouse Cycling’ heading).
  • Floating and Sinking
    This afternoon Robin class have been challenged to find out how they can make a ball of plasticine float. The children soon realised that they needed to make a boat shape and some were even sturdy enough to carry some marbles as passengers.
  • Farm Visit
    We all had a fantastic visit to Hesketh Farm. We did lots of different activities including... feeding the lambs.
  • Farm Visit
    The children collected eggs from the hen house and we counted how many we collected.
  • Farm Visit
    We all held the guinea pigs and brushed them with a special pet brush.
  • Farm Visit
    The chicks felt really soft and fluffy.
  • Djembe Drumming
    This week Blackbirds have been inspired by the music of The Lion King.
  • Ahoy There!
    We have been having lots of fun this morning making our own pirate treasure maps.
  • SATs breakfast is ready!
    Mr Allen and Mrs Beardwell have been busy preparing this feast!
  • SAT preparation
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