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  • Kestrel Year 6 - Robin Wood info
    Hi there. Firstly, if your child is a Kestrel Year 5, then please ignore this message! The messaging facility doesn't allow me to separate the two year groups, and this is regarding Robin Wood.
  • Pirate Day!
    We all had great fun on pirate day this week. The children loved treasure hunting in the meadow, role playing using the adventure playground as a pirate ship and making their own treasure biscuits and jewels.
  • Volcano Curriculum Day
    For our curriculum day this term, UKS2 hosted a Volcano Day.
  • Interhouse Cycling. Thursday 10th June
  • Thank you!
    Thank you Kestrels for such a lovely half term - it's been a bit of a blur and we have certainly packed a lot in.
  • Pirate Day!
    KS1 are having a pirate themed curriculum day on Tuesday 15th June 2021.
  • Plant Art
    Last term, Robin class looked carefully at different types of plants and drew what we saw.
  • Can you make a ball of plasticine float?
    This week we have been investigating floating and sinking. Children worked in teams to think about how they could get their ball of plasticine to float.
  • We did it!
    Lots of children managed to work in their teams to make their plasticine float. They were over the moon!
  • Walk tomorrow
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