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  • Jam tarts
    We have been learning about instructions this week. Can we read some instructions to make jam tarts?
  • Fraction Maths
    We worked collaboratively on fraction maths
  • Judo
    We enjoyed a great judo session provided by Destination Leeds @ British Judo. Everyone took part with great enthusiasm.
  • British Judo
    Puffins had a great session with British Judo this morning!
  • Brilliant Viking Board Games
    What a fantastic effort all of Kestrel class made with their most recent homework project. We have enjoyed presenting and explaining them to the class, and most of all playing them with each other. A lovely way to end our half term.
  • Remarkable Role Play!
    To help develop ideas for our newspaper report writing, Kestrel class have been doing a spot of journalistic interviewing this week, with some rather fiery exchanges of opinion!
  • Subtraction with exchanging
    The year 2 children have been working hard to subtract two digit numbers and have been learning to exchange a ten!
  • Judo
    This morning we had a special treat learning some judo moves.
  • Judo
    New Gallery on web page and app of Owls Judo
  • Great work McKenzie
    Great newspaper
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