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  • Brilliant bodies
    We have been learning how we have over 200 bones in our skeletons and then tried using chalk to draw them!
  • Brilliant bodies
    We read the Funnybones story.
  • Independent Writing
    Children have been busy writing their own speech bubbles for the ‘Funnybones’ characters.
  • Skeleton Artwork
    The children used white chalk on black paper to draw skeleton pictures.
  • Pop-Up Mechanisms
    Peacocks have been creating fantastic pop-up Ghost stories.
  • Skipton Castle Display
    Robin class have written some brilliant letters about their trip to Skipton Castle.
  • Castles
    We have been making castles this week. They have a working drawbridge!
  • Great writing
    Alfie has worked hard on his RE booklet.
  • Extra work
    Ella enjoyed fractions so much she asked to do more.
  • Board game projects
    Puffins had a great time this morning trying to play the board games that we made for homework.
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