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News Stories

  • This week
    Brief overview of work this week.
  • Homework
    Screenshot of Homework
  • Homework
    Elsa brought her homework back after just one day.
  • Drama
    Year 5 Kestrel children produced brilliant performances of Beowulf, with music and a song they wrote themselves, all in a day!
  • Drama
    Kestrel year 5's have retold the story of Beowulf in drama.
  • Cool Castles
    In year 2 we have been making castles out of clay.
  • Quentin Blake illustrations
    Owls have been drawing in the style of Quentin Blake
  • ‘Punny’ Books.
    Peacocks have been creating some excellent book covers with ridiculous authors!
  • Author Potraits
    Max in Peacocks has created a fantastic pencil drawing of Roald Dahl!
  • Book Review Wikis
    Today we have been writing and publishing wiki pages based on the books we have been reading.
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