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Things to help your child

If you know you cannot get into school to sign up for the English workshop on the class whiteboard. Please put a note in your child’s bag for us to know which time you will be coming to the English Workshop and if you need a crèche place at the 3:15pm session.


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Miss Rasche, Mrs Nutton


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Dear Parents, Carers of  KS1 children,

I am writing to give you some information regarding spelling in KS1.

This year we felt it was necessary to look at spelling across the school and so the teachers and support staff are carrying out some research in their classes to try and find the most effective way to teach spelling and for children to retain this knowledge.

In addition this year, we have a new National Curriculum which started in September 2014. Each year group has a bank of words to learn in that year. We have put this word list on the website and over the year (September to July) the teachers will be covering these.

Should you wish to help your child with these, they can be found on our website under the classes Kingfisher, Robins and Doves.  Please feel free to have a look and download them.

Don’t try and learn them all at once!! You have all year. If your child knows all these words you can help them by getting them to put one of the words into a sentence. If they master this then challenge them to write a story using as many words from the list as they can.

If you have any difficulty finding them please give us a ring and we will try and help.


year 1 pg 1

year 1 pg 2

year 1 pg 3

year 1 pg 4

year 2 pg 1

year 2 pg  2

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