A welcome from the Head and school values and ethos

A journey together of learning, happiness and success where every child is supported and inspired to achieve their full potential.

As the Headteacher of Rawdon Littlemoor I am proud to say we have a happy, healthy school where we are a family. In our family we look after each other,  support each other when times are tough,  have fun together and learn together.

We see every child as an individual who needs nurturing and bringing to their full potential. Respect is the corner stone of our school and you will see it between staff and children, children and children and staff and staff. This has created an ethos where our school is a great place to be. In addition, we have planned our curriculum to prepare children for their next phase of education and living in 21st Century Britain.


We plan exciting cross- curricular topics for each term on a two year rolling programme to inspire our children and give them a love of learning and challenge.

In addition to our curriculum, we have Interhouse tournaments each half term and extra Curriculum Days each term. Music, drama, outdoor learning, art, growing and planting and sporting opportunities are all on our agenda. Our days are full and fulfilling.

One of the things we are proud of is that we are an inclusive school and are fully committed to giving every child the chance to succeed. A number of hearing impaired children attend our school and every child  learns some basic signing.

Our Foundation Stage is over subscribed each year and this is testimony to the popularity of our school. We work hard to develop strong relationships with our parents and carers and to personalise the education for all our children.

We are never complacent and strive for excellence continually so that each child’s education can be a happy, safe and rewarding one.

Julie Beardwell