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A journey together of learning, happiness and success

Welcome to Rawdon Littlemoor.


Julie Beardwell

My name is Julie Beardwell and I am Headteacher here at Rawdon Littlemoor. I passionately believe that education should be engaging and develop children as interested and independent learners; who understand their strengths and are fully supported to work hard to fulfil their potential. On a weekend, I enjoy cycling and running and making Lego models with my daughter!


Jennifer Place

I have been a Governor at Rawdon Littlemoor for 7 years.

I started as a parent governor when both my sons attended school, they have now moved to Benton Park and I have stayed on as a Governor because I enjoy helping and being part of the school. Recently I have taken on the role as Chair.


Martin Allen

My name is Martin Allen and I have been a teacher at Rawdon Littlemoor since 1995. I’m currently the Deputy Headteacher. My other roles include SENCO and Child Protection. I believe in education as a right for all and that all should have an equal right to a good education. All schools should strive to achieve this. My other passions currently are gardening and cycling which I feel allow me to relieve the stresses of the job.


Clare Jones

I became a governor at Rawdon Littlemoor over 10 years ago, first as a Parent Governor and then Co-Opted.  Throughout the years the school has gone through many changes.  I am proud to say that I have played an active part in the recruitment of many of the school’s wonderful teachers and our Headteacher, Mrs. Beardwell.  I am a committed Governor who regularly attends Full Governor meetings where issues arise and decisions are made.  I am the Vice Chair, the Training and Early Years Governor.

My belief is that all children should be given the best start in life, receiving an excellent education, facilities and support and I am pleased to be part of the Governing Body at Rawdon Littlemoor who strive to achieve this.  


Sara Nix

I am a co-opted member of the governing body (joined March 2016 and a member of the Teaching and learning sub-committee), having previously held a post as a governor in a primary school in North Yorkshire. I am also the governor with responsibility for pupils with SEND.

My professional background is in law but outside of work I have 2 high school aged children and outside of work I volunteer for various charities, including Citizens Advice Leeds, The Silver Line, The Cinnamon Trust, IPSEA ( a SEND advice charity) and Brownies in Horsforth. 

I see my role as a governor to be supporting the school’s dedicated and committed staff as they set and work towards aims, objectives and targets for achieving those but to ask questions and ensure we are accountable. 


Rob McDonald

I became a co-opted governor of the school in November 2015. I had no previous affiliation to the school and applied to become a school governor to build on my personal skills and experiences and to utilise these in a vastly different setting to my job in the public sector where quick and reasoned decisions are key. I also live and work in the local vicinity. For these reasons I feel I offer a ‘real world’ view in respect of the management and progression of the school. I feel the role of governor is to ensure the pupils and staff progress and thrive, the ethos of the school is upheld and there is a clear accountability in all administrative and managerial aspects of the schools running. Above all I believe school should be a safe, enjoyable place for all.

When I am not busy working, being a governor or spending time with my family I enjoy playing 11-a-side football, supporting Leeds United and collecting music paraphernalia. I also have an unhealthy interest in 70-80’s hard rock and play guitar in several bands.


Rebecca Woodward

 I am now in my third year as a parent governor and have two daughters in school, one in Nightingale and one in Dove class. I work for a FTSE100 bank and hold professional qualifications as a chartered accountant and corporate treasurer.  My current job involves designing and building mathematical models for use in the Finance department’s reporting and forecasting work; my employer’s approach to colleague volunteering has meant that, in addition to supporting my governor role, I have also been able to set up and run the school’s Code Club with help from another parent volunteer.  I have significant experience in data analysis, stakeholder management and project development which I find supports my governor role well.


My interest in science and maths is fairly obvious; outside of work, I blog about my dressmaking and am passionate about music, having grown up playing in local brass bands and later spending far too much time at rock gigs.  I believe that children at this age should get as broad an education as possible as everyone is good at something and will be most successful and happy if given the chance to find out what that is. I enjoy the opportunity to help school continue to be the best it can be.


Iain Robertson

As the parent of a child in Year 1 at Rawdon Littlemoor, with another (hopefully) joining in a couple of years’ time I clearly have a significant interest in helping to ensure the future success of the school.

As a governor I can offer a wide range of skills. On a personal level I’m friendly, open-minded and collegiate in approach; I tend to get on well with people from all walks of life. I really enjoy new challenges and am quick to learn. I approach situations with a pragmatic mindset and don’t personalise disagreements or criticism.

Professionally I have a 20 year history of working with companies to help them to manage and exploit data and am now working successfully as a self employed consultant. During my career I’ve often had to adapt quickly to new situations and circumstances, which has instilled in me the importance of making decisions based on a calm and rational assessment of the available evidence.

I promise to be a hard-working and reliable advocate for the children and parents of Rawdon Littlemoor.


Tracey Stevens

My name is Tracey Stevens and I am Key Stage One leader and Maths leader at Rawdon Littlemoor. I have been a primary school teacher for the last 12 years, three of which at Rawdon Littlemoor. I love my job and feel it is a privilege to work with such lovely, enthusiastic children and hardworking, dedicated colleagues.

I truly believe that great schools can make such a difference to children, families and their communities. As a governor I am pleased that I have the opportunity to play a larger role in making our school the best it can be.

In my spare time my interests range from historical fiction to ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ (everyone needs a little bit of escapism!)


Gregg Lyons

My son, Jack, is seven years old and is in Dove class at Rawdon Littlemoor and my daughter, Elsie, four, is in Ducklings class in foundation. My wife and I have both been tremendously impressed with School; we have found School both open and approachable.

I stood for election to offer my skills in the education sector to the governing body. I have been a teacher for over 12 years and I have genuine interest in school improvement at all levels and a strong belief in the importance of education for all. Professionally, I am a French teacher and middle leader in a secondary school. Being a pastoral school leader, I am confident in the issues revolving around the Safeguarding of children; I have up-to-date Designated Safeguarding Lead certification. In addition, I am an elected Union Health and Safety Representative for my workplace and have Stage 2 TUC certification.

I spend my free time with my young family and at weekends I referee football across West Yorkshire as a senior county referee.


Pamela Burn

I Pamela Burn (pronouns are she/her), became an elected parent governor in October 2019. My daughter joined school as a Duckling in 2018 and my son will hopefully join the school 2021. I am passionate about our children receiving the highest standard of education and really pleased to have an opportunity,  from a parent's perspective, to shape Rawdon Littlemoor's future and build on its good performance and reputation within the community.
I'm a Chartered CIPD HR professional and a big advocate of diversity and inclusion. In my personal life I'm generally spinning too many plates as a parent with interests in the environment and natural world, infant feeding (Infantfeedingalliance.co.uk),crochet and other crafts. 

James Lock

I live and grew up in Horsforth attending Broadgate Primary School and Horsforth School. I applied to be a governor as I feel it's important to support children and their learning. I've previously worked in a number of Leeds schools before becoming a software engineer (with an education company) and then civil servant. I used to volunteer with Scouts and Guides as a kayaking instructor teaching children to be confident in and around water. I have also helped with forest schools and am keen that children should have the opportunity to learn outdoors, not just in the classroom.

Governors with specific Responsibilities

Training Governor- Clare Jones

Early Years -Clare Jones

School Council- Jennifer Place

Attendance - Pamela Burn

Child Protection/Safeguarding / Child Looked After  -Iain Robertson

Pupil Premium-Rebecca Woodward

Complaints-Jennifer Place

Performance Data – Iain Robertson

SEND – Sara Nix

Health & Safety – Greg Lyons

PE / Sports Premium – Rob McDonald

Website / Governor News – Rob McDonald


Governors business interests

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Details of which body appoints the governors

Name How they are appointed Term of office
Julie Beardwell Headteacher n/a
Jennifer Place Co-opted Governor 4 years
Co-opted Governor 4 years
Tracey Stevens Staff Governor 4 years
Co-opted Governor 4 years
Iain Robertson Parent Governor elected by the parents 4 years
Rebecca Woodward Parent Governor elected by the parents 4 years
Parent Governor elected by the parents 4 years
Sara Nix Foundation Governor 4 years
Rob McDonald Foundation Governor 4 years
Greg Lyons Parent Governor elected by the parents 4 years
Clare Jones  LEA Representative 4 years

Governor report

 Annual Governors report to parents 2017.docxDownload
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