Owls Class


We are a class of Year 3 children and our teacher is Miss Bate with Mrs Wahby, Miss Hayward and Mrs Tattersdale supporting us.


Our main topics for this year include:

‘Busy Bodies’ when we find out about the digestive system, our bones, teeth, keeping healthy and food chains.

‘Once Upon a time in the Stone Age which initially investigates books of different genres and a range of exciting authors and illustrators. We go onto find out out about prehistoric life in Stone Age Britain.

Our final topic is ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’ when we investigate the geography,  food,  and famous people and events of Yorkshire.


Each topic includes either a class visit or a workshop to excite and engage the children, as well as to enhance the learning experience.

P.E. is currently on Tuesday (outdoor) and Thursdays (indoor).

On these days please come to school dressed in your PE kit.

Homework is handed out on a Friday and needs to be returned on Tuesday mornings. Homework and diaries will be checked weekly and house points are awarded for effort and accuracy..

Please keep practising your spellings and time tables (plus the linked division facts), as it is so important. Please also practise telling the time (looking at analogue and digital times) at home as this will really help your child in maths lessons.


We are using Times Table Rock Stars in school to help the children learn their times tables. 



Games to support your child for Spelling and Maths


Times tables and other Maths



Times tables


Telling the time



Teachers Details

The Owls staff are Miss Bate, Mrs Wahby, Miss Hayward and Mrs Tattersdale.

Gross Science Workshop

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LKS2 Maths and Spelling Evening

Latest News

Owl News

Super Science
19/05/2023 2:49 PM

The children have continued this week to explore and experiment with switches in Science. The children have made their circuits again and made 3 different types of switches. It has been fantastic to see the children complete this experiment. Our next step will be using our circuit knowledge to create a night light in DT.

We have also started to write our own ending to the Iron Man story. The children have made a fantastic start to writing a setting and introducing their new character.

Next week we have 2 interhouse competition. One is on Wednesday morning and is our cycling. You will need to bring a bike and helmet on the day. On Friday, we have our cross country.  Adults can watch the races from 1pm.

Today the children are being ho,e their project letter. Projects are due 19th June and it's about anything to do with Yorkshire.

It's our golden ticket spelling test next Friday, keep practicing those 25 words!

Have a nice weekend!

Owl news
12/05/2023 4:17 PM

We have had another very busy week!

We have continued with our science experiments this week and the children experimented with different conductors to make our circuits work. The children are using their fantastic skills and it is great to see the circuits working!

We have also been continuing with our Wlecome to Yorkshire toopic. In geography we have bene looking at human and physical features. We did some field work today around the school spying anything human and physical about our area.

This week in English the children finished heir super Wanted posters for the Iron Man. There were fantastic descriptions using similes and personification.

We have another busy week ahead of us next week.  Next Wednesday 17th May is our class photo.

Have a lovely weekend and see you MONDAY!

Miss Bate

Science and Picnics
5/05/2023 5:15 PM

The children have started have started a new science topic in the last couple of week, electicity!This week the children made a simple circuit using wires, batteries, bulbs buzzers and motors to spin around a flag. The children really enjoyed exploring the circuits and we will be doing mor next week.

Today the rain held and we were able to celebrate our coronation picnic outside! We were able to enjoy some lovely weather and enjoy eating our picnic. See the newsletter for some pictures!

Today's homework is written subtraction using the method the children are familiar with and there are no new speelings to learn this week. The children need to revise their individual spelling list for the golden ticket spelling test for the end of half term. (All children were given their individual spelling list at the end of the first week back)

Have a lovely weekend and see you TUESDAY!

Miss Bate

Welcome to Yorkshire!
28/04/2023 4:17 PM

Another busy week completed this week!

We have started many news things this week. We have started a new science block looking at electricity and very soon the children will be making their own circuit at school.

We have also started our new topic 'Welcome to Yorkshire.' We have an introduction to Yorkshire and a brief overview of all things Yorkshire. The children really enjoyed learning about our Yorkshire dialect!

We have come to the end of our time block in maths. The children have really tried hard to learn time more in deepth. This week's homework focuses on time. COMPLETE AS MANY QUESTIONS AS YOU CAN. Thank you!

Next week we have a Bank Holiday on the Monday followed by our picnic to celebrate the new King's cornonation. Our picnic is happening on Friday 5th May. Your child will need to bring a picnic blanket or beach towel to sit on (weather permitting!)

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and see you Tuesday!

Miss Bate

Welcome back!
21/04/2023 6:11 PM

It has been lovely to see everyone and catch up on everything they got up to over Easter.

It has been a busy first week back and we have started a new English unit looking at the book the Iron Man by Ter Hughes. The children are enjoying it and have had a great go at personification and similes.

In maths we have continued with time and moving onto money soon. If you have any opportunity in the coming weeks where you can ask your child to handle money, add/subtract with money that would be great.

We have also finish our Stone Age unit this week ending the week with a fantastic day in the meadow (and missed the rain!)The children built fires, cooked on the fire, soap knapping, weaving, tracking and trapping, shelter building and cave painting. The children so great enthusiasm and can definitely survive in the Stone Age! We are moving on very soon to our next topic Welcome to Yorkshire.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Bate

Stone Age Days
17/04/2023 3:59 PM

In LKS2, we have our Stone Age days coming up! This will be a chance to recap all of the facts and significant events we covered in our Stone Age topic, as well experience a day in the life of a Stone Age person. 

Children will need to wear long trousers as we will be making fires and shoes appropriate for wearing in the meadow. Outdoor PE kit would be best!


Owls - Friday 21st April

Peacocks - Monday 24th April

Nightingales - Tuesday 25th April

The end of a busy week
31/03/2023 1:21 PM

It has been a very busy week in Owls!
The children were amazing at the Abbarella performance. We are so proud of them! Thank you adults for all the costumes and all the help at home. 
We also had a visit from the Easter bunny this week. The children enjoyed finding the eggs around the school and saying hello to the Easter bunny.

Unfortunatly, the cross country had to be cancelled today. It has now been rearranged for the summer term. Please see the email from the office for details.

When we come back after Easter, we are continuing with the Stone Age for one more week before we start with our Yorkshire topic. If you are visiting any attractions in Yorkshire this Easter break, could you please take some pictures and if you can grab a leaflet. Thank you! 

Have a lovely Easter and see you on Monday 17th April!

Miss Bate

Performance ready!
24/03/2023 5:12 PM

Another busy week in Owl class! The children have written some amazing stories linking to our book Glog. They have written a setting and character description along with pop-up scenes to go with their work.

We are nearing our performance of Abbarella. Please remember to have your costumes in for Monday at the lastest. Performance nights are Wednesday and Thursday starting at 6pm.

Next week is the last week of term and we have a very busy week. We have our Easter egg hunt on Wednesday and cross country on Friday afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Bate


ABBA crazy!
17/03/2023 3:41 PM

We are in full swing practicing our concert this week. The children have been fantastic and have worked really hard. Today you will have received your tickets to the show along with a letter explaining what time to arrive on the night and if your child is allowed any face paint. If you are waiting on extra tickets they will be given out next week once we confirm everyone has been given them.

We have been continuing our Stone Age journey, learning more about surviving in the Stone Age. The children also completed some amazing art that included Stonehenge.

In English, we have started writing our version of Glog and wrote an amazing setting description along with a pop up scene. 

Have a lovely weekend!

World Book Day
3/03/2023 6:52 PM

What a fantastic World Book Day we had! The children looked absolutely amazing in their costumes today. We had a range of books characters and you could see the passion the children had for those characters. Check out the newsletter to see our class photo!

This morning all the adults moved around school to share their favourite story. Mrs Beardwell visited our class and the children loved the stories read to them. We spent the rest of the day showing our projects. We have a few more to get through next week, be the creativity and detail have been amazing!

Homework is normal this week, maths and weekly spellings.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Bate

Amazing projects!
17/11/2022 12:00 AM
Amazing projects!

We have been in awe across LKS2 with the incredible projects that the children have brought in this week. We have taken part in quizzes, tasted cake and admired art work. The amount of effort the children have put in and their ability to present the new information to the rest of their classes has been admirable. A big thank you to all of the children as well as parents and guardians for your on going support. 

LKS2 Online Safety Virtual Assembly.
6/10/2022 12:00 AM
LKS2 Online Safety Virtual Assembly.

This morning LKS2 took part in the Be Internet Legends national assembly run by Google.
The focus was on Online Safety and Internet Awareness. 

They took part with great ideas and enthusiasm and we even got a shout out by the hosts for some great answers. 

The link below is for Google Interland which is an online resource for the children. 


This next link below is for parents to give more information about Online Safety and managing risk.


Also attached as a Pdf is information about a competition Google are running - Find Your Balance. 

Further information is available online at: