Welcome back to a new school year Kestrels! 2023-2024 promises to be a brilliant year!

We have had a fantastic first few days together, getting to grips with new routines… and each other! Year 5 have made a great start to the year, diving into our new topic of Rotten Romans. Year 6 have now (almost) recovered from their Robin Wood residential and are getting ready to take on their responsibilities around school in their new job roles. In a couple of weeks, they will be meeting their Foundation Buddies and helping them to settle into our wonderful school.

This year promises to be another exciting adventure through our other topics of Watery Worlds and Groovy Greeks, with visits from Moveable Feasts Drama Company, and visits to Linton and Burnsall, not to mention some brilliant curriculum days and lots of cooking and creativity !

In addition, we have our annual Inter-house football, rugby, cycling and quiz competitions, and the legendary cross-country race, where we will be hoping to beat our scores from last year…fingers crossed! If we are good, Santa and the Easter Bunny may even pay us a visit this year – will you be able to hunt-out your egg?!

Another great highlight to look forward to is our end of year performance, along a Groovy Greek theme, which promises to be another sell-out show! By this point, we will be getting our wonderful Year 6s ready for the big step-up to secondary school, and will finally send them off with an emotional trip down memory lane, at our Leavers' Concert.

There is so much to look forward to over the next year. Here’s to a fantastic autumn, spring and summer. Let’s work hard and play hard in Kestrel Class!

Mrs Jarvis, Miss Clarkson and Mrs Geary


UKS2 Guide to Reading September 2023.pdf .pdf
KESTREL Welcome Back Booklet September 2023.pdf .pdf
UKS2 Guide to Writing September 2023.pdf .pdf
UKS2 Guide to Maths September 2023.pdf .pdf
SATs Treat Morning
SATs Treat Morning  - image 0
SATs Treat Morning  - image 1
SATs Treat Morning  - image 2
SATs Treat Morning  - image 3
SATs Treat Morning  - image 4
SATs Treat Morning  - image 5
SATs Treat Morning  - image 6
SATs Treat Morning  - image 7
SATs Treat Morning  - image 8
SATs Treat Morning  - image 9
SATs Treat Morning  - image 10
SATs Treat Morning  - image 11
SATs Treat Morning  - image 12
SATs Treat Morning  - image 13
SATs Treat Morning  - image 14
SATs Treat Morning  - image 15
SATs Treat Morning  - image 16
SATs Treat Morning  - image 17
SATs Treat Morning  - image 18
SATs Treat Morning  - image 19
SATs Treat Morning  - image 20
SATs Treat Morning  - image 21
SATs Treat Morning  - image 22
SATs Treat Morning  - image 23
SATs Treat Morning  - image 24
SATs Treat Morning  - image 25
SATs Treat Morning  - image 26
SATs Treat Morning  - image 27
SATs Treat Morning  - image 28
SATs Treat Morning  - image 29
SATs Treat Morning  - image 30
SATs Treat Morning  - image 31
SATs Treat Morning  - image 32
SATs Treat Morning  - image 33
SATs Treat Morning  - image 34
SATs Treat Morning  - image 35
SATs Treat Morning  - image 36
SATs Treat Morning  - image 37
SATs Treat Morning  - image 38
SATs Treat Morning  - image 39
SATs Treat Morning  - image 40
SATs Treat Morning  - image 41
SATs Treat Morning  - image 42
SATs Treat Morning  - image 43
SATs Treat Morning  - image 44
SATs Treat Morning  - image 45
SATs Treat Morning  - image 46
SATs Treat Morning  - image 47
SATs Treat Morning  - image 48
SATs Treat Morning  - image 49
SATs Treat Morning  - image 50
SATs Treat Morning  - image 51
SATs Treat Morning  - image 52
SATs Treat Morning  - image 53
SATs Treat Morning  - image 54
SATs Treat Morning  - image 55
SATs Treat Morning  - image 56
SATs Treat Morning  - image 57
SATs Treat Morning  - image 58
SATs Treat Morning  - image 59
SATs Treat Morning  - image 60
SATs Treat Morning  - image 61
SATs Treat Morning  - image 62
SATs Treat Morning  - image 63
SATs Treat Morning  - image 64
SATs Treat Morning  - image 65
SATs Treat Morning  - image 66
SATs Treat Morning  - image 67
SATs Treat Morning  - image 68
SATs Treat Morning  - image 69
SATs Treat Morning  - image 70
SATs Treat Morning  - image 71
SATs Treat Morning  - image 72
SATs Treat Morning  - image 73
SATs Treat Morning  - image 74
SATs Treat Morning  - image 75
SATs Treat Morning  - image 76
SATs Treat Morning  - image 77
SATs Treat Morning  - image 78
SATs Treat Morning  - image 79
SATs Treat Morning  - image 80
SATs Treat Morning  - image 81
SATs Treat Morning  - image 82
SATs Treat Morning  - image 83
SATs Treat Morning  - image 84
SATs Treat Morning  - image 85
SATs Treat Morning  - image 86
SATs Treat Morning  - image 87
SATs Treat Morning  - image 88
SATs Treat Morning  - image 89
SATs Treat Morning  - image 90
SATs Morning Fun!
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 0
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 1
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 2
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 3
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 4
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 5
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 6
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 7
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 8
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 9
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 10
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 11
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 12
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 13
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 14
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 15
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 16
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 17
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 18
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 19
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 20
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 21
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 22
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 23
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 24
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 25
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 26
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 27
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 28
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 29
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 30
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 31
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 32
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 33
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 34
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 35
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 36
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 37
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 38
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 39
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 40
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 41
SATs Breakfast, Games and Dancing!  - image 42
Year 5 Christmas Party!
Year 5 Christmas Mayhem - image 0
Year 5 Christmas Mayhem - image 1
Year 5 Christmas Mayhem - image 2
Year 5 Christmas Mayhem - image 3
Year 5 Christmas Mayhem - image 4
Year 5 Christmas Mayhem - image 5
Year 5 Christmas Mayhem - image 6
Filey  - image 0
Filey  - image 1
Filey  - image 2
Filey  - image 3
Filey  - image 4
Filey  - image 5
Filey  - image 6
Filey  - image 7
Filey  - image 8
Filey  - image 9
Filey  - image 10
Filey  - image 11
Filey  - image 12
Filey  - image 13
Filey  - image 14
Filey  - image 15
Filey  - image 16
Filey  - image 17
Filey  - image 18
Filey  - image 19
Filey  - image 20
Filey  - image 21


Kestrel News
24/05/2024 6:22 PM
Kestrel News

What a full-on last week we have had in Kestrel class! On Monday some of our Year 5s went to take part in the Brownlee Triathlon. They all seemed to have a great time at this non-competitive event – and we now have some budding triathletes – which is brilliant! As always, they supported each other really well and cheered on their less-confident friends. Well done Year 5!

Tuesday saw us having the first run-through of our concert songs with Mrs Thomas. The first bash is always a bit challenging, but there’s a lot of enthusiasm for this performance, so I’m sure we’ll get there with lots of practice!

Secondary school transition for some of our Year 6 children began this week, and I am pleased to say those who attended on these days came back beaming and full of enthusiasm for the big move.

In maths we have now wrapped-up our algebra work for this year (they have done fantastically well with it) and are now ready to start data handling after the holidays.

In Science we also began our new unit on properties of materials, and enjoyed bobbing around the classroom like water molecules!

Today we have received in some fantastic Greek Mask projects. We have started to interview the children in character, and will continue after the holidays. Thank you for all of your support with these at home – the children are really enjoying performing in role and interviewing one another!

A couple of reminders:

Our PE days after the holidays will remain the same: Monday and Wednesday.

Please check the news letter from the office (emailed out each Friday) for the most up-to-date information regarding the dates for Interhouse activities (the next one is cycling) and other whole school events such as Sports Days and concerts. While we try not to move these around too much, sometimes small adjustments are necessary as we move through the calendar.

 Have a lovely half-term,

Mrs Jarvis

Kestrel News
17/05/2024 5:43 PM
Kestrel News

Well done to EVERYONE in Kestrels for getting through an incredibly tricky week. Both Year 5 and Year 6 have had their final set of formal assessments for the year this week, and both year groups have been just fantastic.

A special thank you to our Year 5s who have been displaced to the community room each morning to be taught by Mr Allen, and have not fussed or complained once. They have wished Year 6 good luck each morning and been very patient with any short-tempers that may have surfaced on occasion!! We're really proud of you! We hope they enjoyed your icecreams and fun activities this morning as much as our Year 6s did.

Year 6 have been exemplary throughout the week. It was nationally agreed that the second maths paper was particularly challenging, but not a single person gave-up or let it defeat them. Their positivity and resilience was unbelieveable and everyone can hold their head up high knowing they have done their very best. We have had a great time this morning with our Tug-o-War, den building, waterfights, ice-cream sundae making and much more taking place; a just reward for all of their hard work.

Please see our class web page for a full gallery of pictures from the week (some can be found on the Puffin class page also).

We all need to go away this weekend and have a good rest and reset, ready for some welcome normality and new lessons next week!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Jarvis

Kestrel News
10/05/2024 8:55 PM

Well, what a lot of difference a bit of sunshine makes!  We have enjoyed continuing with our Mini-Olympics in PE, and while the weather hasn’t exactly been up to Greek standards, it certainly helped with our performances, with everyone improving on their sprint, middle distance and long-distance times!

In maths this week we have been tackling algebra, and the children have really taken to it well, and done some impressive problem solving.  English has been a touch dry this week as we have been working our way through the final few grammar objectives before our tests next week – but we have all worked very hard as usual and shown real determination.

We are looking forward to next week when we can catch-up on some of our other subjects – especially history – where we can really get our teeth into the Ancient Greeks, and also our new science topic, Properties of Materials – one which lends itself really well to developing our scientific enquiry skills further.

A couple of reminders for next week:

Year 5 will come to school at the normal time and be taught by Miss Clarkson for the duration of time Year 6 are doing their SATs tests each morning. (We come back together as a class once we’re done).  They will also be doing their assessments, so we can get them all out of the way in one week, then concentrate on having a bit of fun thereafter! Miss Clarkson and I have also planned a few treats for them to say thank you for working so hard with Year 6 over the past few months and being wonderfully supportive of their classmates.

Year 6 will, if possible, come to school for 8:30am, and make their way through the cloakroom down to the shared area where SATs breakfast will be served! If they would like to bring a lucky mascot or toy/teddy with them for company during the tests, they are more than welcome. I will send a reminder about what they need to bring for the Treat Day on Friday midweek.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Jarvis

Kestrel News
3/05/2024 6:17 PM
Kestrel News

The highlight of our week this week has been our Groovy Greek drama workshop with Matthew from Movable Feast Productions. The children have learned such an incredible amount about ancient Greek life and their love of the theatre. It was wonderful to see the children really letting go and going for it: every single person got up to act their part - we are really proud of you all. A special mention must go to Enzo though, as he ad-libbed a brilliant epilogue to bring the tale of Perseus to a dramatic end!

It's been  another maths and English heavy week as we continue our revsion sessions, and we have covered a great deal of work on pie charts, and ratio and proportion - keep going team, we're almost there. Light relief is being provided by our writing lessons at the moment, and we have now moved on to designing and beginning to describe the lair of our mythical beast creations.

In PE on Wednesday, the sun was beaming down on us as we practised our running skills as part of our Kestrel Mini Olympics - it actually started to feel like summer (well, for a brief afternoon anyway!).

Year 6s remember that next week is the last week for SATs booster sessions! I have cake and smoothies ready to go!

Have a lovely bank holiday,

Mrs Jarvis

Kestrel News
26/04/2024 8:21 PM
Kestrel News

We have been enjoying designing our own mythical beasts in English this week. We have looked at the wide variety of creatures that the Ancient Greeks used in their stories, then used elements of these to create our very own. We started to bring these creatures to life today, as we began to describe their appearance, the way they move and sound, and how they make onlookers feel. There's great enthusiasm in the room for this, and I think it will be a cracking piece of writing when completed.

 In maths we have been looking at angles and circles this week. We have all learned how to claculate the radius and diameter of a circle, and also how to draw angles using a protractor. It's been tricky, but the children have coached each other through brilliantly.

On a lighter note, we are lucky to have Miss Cosavella, a specialist music teacher, with us again this term and we have been learning some Greek songs with her - it's sounding fantastic in our room each Tuesday morning!

Next week we are welcoming back Matthew from Moveable Feast productions who will be leading a drama workshop exploring the lives of the Ancient Athenians and the trials and tribulations of the Ancient Greek gods. (I tried to persuade Mrs Nott to let us go on a jolly to Athens instead, but she was having none of it!).

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Jarvis