Investors in Pupils

‘Investors’ is about children taking control of their learning. They find out about the resources in school, including people who support them, and they develop an awareness of their own role. They work on their behaviour and learning through independent and class targets. A lot of the work takes place in assemblies and PHSCE. There are displays in every classroom and throughout the school to help us to keep focussed.

We believe that taking part in the programme helps our children achieve high standards in their education and equips them with important life skills.


With the help of their teachers, the children set new targets for their learning. In KS1 this is class based in KS2 pupils work with the teacher to set and review targets.

The five areas of Investors in Pupils


The children learn to take responsibility for their behaviour in their lessons and around the school. The pupils or teachers can set behaviour targets.

Classroom Management

A target relating to the routines and organisation of their classroom could be an individual or class target.




The children are aware that good attendance means good achievement. Each class has a percentage attendance target to reach each half term. The aim is 100%! Good attendance is rewarded with extra playtime.


At Rawdon Littlemoor we pride ourselves on being a welcoming place to visit, and on providing a secure environment for all. The children create an induction booklet each year to help look after new people in school, whether they be staff or children.