A journey together of learning, happiness and success

A journey together of learning, happiness & success



Welcome to Puffin class!


The Puffin team include:

Mr Couves (Class Teacher)

Mrs White (Teaching Assistant) 


Our topics for this year are:

Autumn- Rotten Romans 

Spring- Watery Worlds 

Summer- Groovy Greeks 


Our P.E. days are Tuesday (indoor) and Wednesday (outdoor). Homework is set on Friday and due in on Tuesday. Spellings will be tested on Friday.


If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to pop in!

Latest News

Puffin News

  • As part of our curriculum day on 'Veg', Puffins started the day tasting different vegetable juices. We then turned our data into a star diagram, where we can compare the juices on their appearance, aroma, texture and taste!
  • To get to grips with forces, Puffins built paper aeroplanes to see what forces act upon them.
  • Inspired by the myth of Romulus and Remus, Puffins created these striking pictures.
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