Welcome to the Blackbird flock!


Blackbirds (Year 5) are taught by Miss Fox and Teaching Assistants Mrs Hanson and Mrs Rowe. Our topics this year are Blitzed Brits (World War 2), Vicious Vikings and Creeping Coasts.


We have PE on a Monday afternoon and a Thursday morning so please remember come to school in your kit! This may change throughout the year but we'll always try and give you as much notice as possible. 


Homework is set on Friday and is due in on Tuesday morning.


Here's to a fantastic year!!!


Miss Fox

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Latest News

Blackbird News


Welcome Back Blackbirds
21/04/2023 2:55 PM
Welcome Back Blackbirds

It was lovely to see all the children come back to school with such an enthusiasm. We have had our last week exploring our Viking topic before moving on to Creeping Coasts next week. This week  we learnt about the different foods VIkings would have eaten and how this would have been stored and preserved. We created a Viking menu and a particular favourite was whale and carrot stew!

In English we have made a good start on our next piece of writing - an instruction text explaining how to train a dragon. This week, as well as looking at the features of an instructon text, the children spent time creating their dragons - there were some incredibly interesting (and violent) creatures being imagined!

We hope everyone has a lovely weekend,

The Blackbird Team


Le Cafe Francais
31/03/2023 2:59 PM
Le Cafe Francais

Phew...we have made it to Easter! It's been a lovely term and we've finished it with a fantastic last week. 

The children enjoyed their French Cafe experience on Tuesday. They all managed to order food items in French and also made use of the French they have learned whilst having conversations with each other. 

There was the annual Easter Egg Hunt to enjoy. The appearance of the Easter Bunny is always cause for excitement and this year was no different. 

In topic lessons, we have learned all about Viking Runes; made a Mjolnir amulet out of clay; and continued with our slipper. It has been lovely to see the class get so involved in our Viking topic; we will be continuing for a week after the holidays so we don't miss anything. 

It was a shame the Cross-Country was cancelled today but it will be run on Friday, May 26th. In its place we introduced Blackbirds to the Pirate Game which is similar to battleships but with a bit more pirate action - it's fair to say it went down well! 

We hope you all have a lovely Easter break. We look forward to hearing all about it when we return to school in two weeks for our final term as Blackbirds. 


The Blackbird Team

Super Sewing
24/03/2023 3:05 PM
Super Sewing

This week, Blackbirds have made a start on their latest DT project which is to design and make a slipper. The aim is to sew the slipper including a number of different stitch types - cross stitch, blanket stitch, running stitch and spiral stitch. Whilst this has proved quite challenging for some (and me!), no-one has given up. I also think most have actually quite enjoyed the process! 

This week's English focus has been starting to write our dragonfly explanantion text. We are now full to the brim with interesting dragonfly facts so I'm sure that will lead to some great pieces of writing. 

Thanks for another lovely week, Blackbirds. Only one more week to the holidays! 

We hope you have a lovely weekend. 

The Blackbird Team. 

Vikings Set Sail
17/03/2023 3:41 PM
Vikings Set Sail

We have spent a lot of time this week and last thinking about why the Vikings left their homeland, what goods and items they traded and where from. The children have created some lovely pieces of work and learnt a lot. 

In PE, our Kabaddi lessons are reaching the competitive point. We played full games this week and whilst it took some getting used to, there are already some star players. It turns out it's not that easy to keep saying Kabaddi over and over whilst trying to tig lots of people! 

It was lovely to see so many wearing red in support of Comic Relief and Leeds Heart Surgery. I'm sure all donations will be gratefully received. 

We've got a Science curriculum day to look forward to next week amongst all the usual Blackbird goings on. 

We hope everyone has a great weekend,

The Blackbird Team. 

Brilliant Blackbirds and their Brilliant Books
3/03/2023 3:41 PM
Brilliant Blackbirds and their Brilliant Books

We've had another great week in Blackbird class. The children have had chance to really show off their board games by presenting them to the class - there really were some amazing examples which were all presented with pride (and often, thanks to parents and carers!).

This afternoon a number of children got to share their favourite books with us. It was great to hear the children talk about their reading with such enthusiasm! We will listen to more next week.

We have thought this week about why the VIkings left Scandinavia. This has fed into our English work too as we tried to see the Lindisfarne attack from the Vikings' point of view which resulted in some interesting talking points. 

The children should all have their World Book Day Book Token in their bag - happy reading! 

We hope you all have a lovely weekend, 

The Blackbird Team. 

Happy Christmas!
16/12/2022 12:00 AM

Our Christmas party yesterday was a complete success. The children had a great time playing party games, dancing and eating their own weight in sweets. My own favourite moment was watching them try to waft a tissue paper kipper around the hall - frustration levels were very high!

It was lovely to see the return of the carol concert this morning and the frosty walk to church only served to make it all the more Christmassy, I realised it must have been Blackbird's first time taking part due to the Covid cancellations of the last few years. They all did really well with some lovely singing and signing going on.

Our World War 2 topic has definitely been a hit this term. I'm sure some children will be glad to know we are carrying on for at least a week when we get back as there's still so much to fit in! After that, we'll be ready to move on to those Vicious Vikings which, I'm sure, will be equally as engaging.

Thank you for the incredibly kind Christmas gifts and donations. It is never expected but it is always appreciated. I hope you all have the most fantastic Christmas and New Year with your families and we look forward to seeing you all in 2023.

Christmas has started!
9/12/2022 12:00 AM
Christmas has started!

Phew...what a busy week! It feels like we have fully started to get into the Christmas spirit this week. We have watched both the Foundation and KS1 Christmas performances; finished our Christmas window display; and today, enjoyed our Christmas lunch and jumper day. The excitement levels are most definitely rising! 

On Wednesday next week we have an extra PE session with a coach from Leeds Rhinos so if the children can come in their PE kits that day as well, that would be great.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and we will see you for the final school week of 2022 on Monday. 

UKS2 Parties
5/12/2022 12:00 AM

This evening, your child should have brought home, in their planner, their party invitation. Year 5's party is on the afternoon of Thursday 15th December and Year 6's is after school, 3:15 - 5pm on the same day.

There is a consent slip attached to the Year 6 invitation if you wish  your child to make their own way home at this time - just so we know who to release and who is expecting a parent to collect.

Also, on the invitation for both year groups is the food/ drink contribution that your child has volunteered to bring. Any contribution is for 6 children only - not the whole year group! We are mindful that times are a little hard at the moment, so please don't worry if you are unable to contribute.

On a completely different note, we could do with a few more shoe boxes to complete our DT work, if anyone has some more they could bring in.

Thank you!

Top Secret!
2/12/2022 12:00 AM
Top Secret!

We have learned all about Bletchley Park and the secret codebreaking work that went on there during the war. We began our training by starting to understand the dots and dashes of the Morse Code Alphabet then went on to filling in a Morse Code tree. 

To link in with all this, the children then went on to design a security system for Alan Turing's office using switches, buzzers and bulbs and a whole host of their recently learned knowledge. Everyone eventually got their systems working despite a few hiccups along the way. 

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.